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Why you should book a hotel in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz City center: 8 km
Santa Cruz City center: 44.6 km
3017 Santa Cruz City center: 45.1 km
2966 Santa Cruz City center: 44.1 km
Santa Cruz City center: 41 km
Santa Cruz City center: 3.8 km

Big, bustling and full of life, Santa Cruz has much to offer business travellers. Finding a good hotel in Santa Cruz is easy thanks to the vast range of accommodations available, from quaint colonial houses to top-of-the-range modern hotels. Staying in a business hotel will make your trip to Santa Cruz easy, and booking in advance will leave you more time to discover all this exciting city has to offer.

What can I expect when staying in Santa Cruz?

Although you can expect crowds and traffic, Santa Cruz still has a relaxed charm. You’ll find that the area is rich in history and full of colonial architecture. Santa Cruz is Bolivia's largest city, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Situated at an altitude of just over 400m, Santa Cruz has a tropical climate and remains hot year round, unlike La Paz and other major cities in Bolivia. For business travellers, the city centre is the best location for a hotel. However, there are several stunning national parks in the region that offer easy respite from the city if needed.

Why is Santa Cruz a thriving business destination?

Santa Cruz is by far the biggest commercial centre in Bolivia, with its departmental region accounting for over one-third of the country's GDP. The Department of Santa Cruz also attracts nearly half of all foreign investment in Bolivia and the majority of domestic and foreign migrants. This has helped establish it as the country's unrivalled business hub. The city has excellent conference facilities and exhibition venues. Santa Cruz regularly hosts major trade fairs, forums, and other events, such as the Pan-American Convention of Engineering Associations and the Bolivian Conference on Development Economics.

What else can I discover around my hotel in Santa Cruz?

Business guests at a Santa Cruz hotel will have little trouble finding things to keep themselves entertained in their spare time. Santa Cruz is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, not only because of its many bars and clubs, but also the high-standard professional theatres and huge range of excellent restaurants, particularly in the north of the city (try the area around Avenida Monseñor Rivero). For those with limited time, the Museo de la Catedral is well worth a visit - it encompasses a beautiful church, intriguing museum, and the impressive Sagrado art gallery.