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Take in Brazil from a hotel in Campinas

13024-110 Campinas City center: 2 km
Dbl. from 97.59EUR
13010-05 Campinas City center: 1.2 km
Dbl. from 141.00EUR
13069-360 Campinas City center: 11.1 km
Dbl. from 61.67EUR
13036-270 Campinas City center: 2 km
Dbl. from 62.00EUR
13015-310 Campinas City center: 2 km
Dbl. from 93.24EUR
13098-32 Campinas City center: 9.6 km
Dbl. from 98.25EUR
13091-00 Campinas City center: 4.9 km
Dbl. from 109.17EUR
13051-092 Campinas City center: 3.6 km
Dbl. from 247.53EUR
13025-050 Campinas City center: 1.1 km
Dbl. from 113.08EUR
13026510 Campinas City center: 0.8 km
Dbl. from 64.75EUR
13026510 Campinas City center: 0.8 km
Dbl. from 70.94EUR
13025-320 Campinas City center: 1 km
Dbl. from 150.18EUR
13015-192 Campinas City center: 1 km
Dbl. from 151.00EUR
13054-066 Campinas City center: 11 km

The Brazilian city of Campinas was founded in the late eighteenth century and only received its present name in 1842. Since the mid-19th century, it has grown steadily with the expansion of coffee cultivation and the rail road at the time of the industrialisation. Today, Campinas is the second largest city in the state of São Paulo and is home to numerous technology and industrial companies, as well as some major research institutions, which you can visit if you book a hotel in campinas.

What will I find in Campinas that I can't elsewhere?

Campinas, dubbed 'Brazil's Silicon Valley', is a major transportation hub in the state of São Paulo. It is located on the motorway corridor connecting the capital with the economically important north of the state. Campinas means 'grass fields' in Portuguese and refers to its characteristic landscape, which originally comprised large stretches of dense subtropical forests. When visiting Campinas, you will be impressed at the vibrancy of both its geographical and business landscapes.

Why should I do business in Campinas?

Campinas is an important industrial and commercial centre with a variety of industries. The major exports are coffee, sugar cane and cotton as well as services. But Campinas is also known as the Brazilian Silicon Valley. It is the base for technology companies such as; IBM, Motorola, Samsung, Alcatel, Bosch, General Motors, Honda, Mercedez-Benz and numerous others. The city has also become a centre for research, and development, and Unicamp and PUC-Campinas specialise in bio and nano technologies. The pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries are also represented in the region with companies such as Merck, DuPont and Shell locating here.

What else can I do from my Campinas hotel?

For a relaxing afternoon in the sun, head to Parque Portugal and take a boat out on the sparkling lake. If you are looking for a little local culture close to your Campinas hotel, there are a number of stunning churches to see in the city. Basilica Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Metropolitan Cathedral are arguably the most impressive. You can also take a guided tour around the local cadet school or purchase the aromatic coffee and spices, for which the region is renowned, at its oldest market, the Mercado Municipal.