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Banff – Rugged, beautiful and full of energy – Banff has it all

T1L 1B4 Banff
Dbl. from 150.53EUR
T1L 1J2 Banff
Dbl. from 259.00EUR
T1L 1B3 Banff
Dbl. from 169.00EUR
T1L 1H8 Banff
Dbl. from 79.00EUR
T1L 1B3 Banff
T1L I64 Banff City center: 0 km
T1L 1B1 Banff City center: 0.2 km
T1L 1A7 Banff
T1L 1A9 Banff City center: 0 km
T0L 0C0 Banff
T1L 1A6 Banff
T1L 1A7 Banff
TIL 1B1 Banff
T0L 1E0 Banff
T1L 1B6 Banff
T1L 1H8 Banff
T1L 1H8 Banff
T1L 1H8 Banff
T1L 1A9 Banff
T1L1H8 Banff
T1L 1E1 Banff
T1I 1B2 Banff City center: 0.6 km
T1L 1B1 Banff
Hailed as one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Banff will simply take your breath away. The town itself exists within the vast Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It is a small town with only 8,500 inhabitants, but it feels much bigger thanks to the continuous stream of visitors who populate the town throughout the year. Banff is typically used as a base for people to explore the surrounding national park, with its ski resorts, hiking trails and wildlife-watching expeditions. The serene Lake Louise is just a half hour drive away, although it can be seen from the peaks of most of Banff’s surrounding mountains. The town is also popular as a health resort due to the natural hot springs around the area.

Location: Banff–where the mountains meet the lakes

Situated in the south of the state of Alberta, Banff is just 130 km away from the major city of Calgary, and around 400 km from the border with Montana in the United States of America. Banff is of the most popular stop-offs on the famed Rocky Mountain Trail, and the Rocky Mountaineer Train travels through the city regularly, with daily connections to Vancouver in the west and Calgary in the east.

Business: Every tourist catered for

The economy of Banff has been built around the town’s major tourist trade. However, due to its protected status within the national park, it is not your typical tourist town. The architecture seamlessly blends in with the natural surroundings so that the town retains a rural, almost Alpine, atmosphere, even if it is just as modern as any other busy settlement in Canada.

Culture: The call of the wild

When you live in the middle of one of the world’s most stunning national parks, it stands to reason that your culture will reflect the national environment. Banff residents are outdoorsy people, and one of the town’s biggest attractions is the annual Bike Fest. In recent years, the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Rocky Mountain Music Festival have grown in popularity and brought an artsy vibe to the town.

Activities: Hit the mountains

Banff is surrounded by mountains, which are perfectly suited for skiing, hiking, and climbing. Take a guided hike up Cascade Mountain or Mount Rundle, or ski down Mount Norquay. A little further outside the town lie the relaxing Banff Upper Hot Springs, or get your pulse racing with a spot of white water rafting on the Bow Falls.