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The advantages of staying in a Zhuhai hotel

519020 Zhuhai City center: 6.1 km
Dbl. from 80.09EUR
519015 Zhuhai City center: 3 km
Dbl. from 54.76EUR
519015 Zhuhai City center: 3.6 km
Dbl. from 83.51EUR
519015 Zhuhai City center: 3.7 km
Dbl. from 55.44EUR
519020 Zhuhai City center: 7.3 km
Dbl. from 68.00EUR
519015 Zhuhai City center: 3.9 km
Dbl. from 83.51EUR
519020 Zhuhai City center: 6.1 km
Dbl. from 52.00EUR
519020 Zhuhai City center: 5.9 km
Dbl. from 86.25EUR
519020 Zhuhai City center: 7.2 km
Dbl. from 65.44EUR
519015 Zhuhai City center: 0.6 km
Dbl. from 97.26EUR
519015 Zhuhai
Dbl. from 77.00EUR
519020 Zhuhai City center: 6.2 km
Dbl. from 64.00EUR
519020 Zhuhai City center: 5.9 km
Dbl. from 26.00EUR
519000 Zhuhai City center: 5.2 km
519000 Zhuhai City center: 5.4 km
Zhuhai City center: 5.4 km
519125 Zhuhai City center: 5.7 km
519015 Zhuhai City center: 1.3 km
519015 Zhuhai City center: 3.2 km
519000 Zhuhai City center: 1.8 km
519060 Zhuhai City center: 9 km
519015 Zhuhai City center: 3.5 km
519015 Zhuhai City center: 4.3 km
519090 Zhuhai City center: 0.5 km

In Chinese, Zhuhai means 'city of a hundred islands' which is appropriate given steadily increasing foreign investment over the past decade. Foreign investment has risen steadily during this time, and some of China's biggest brands, including the world’s largest air-conditioning manufacturer Gree, base their operations here. This is largely due to the strategic location of the city which makes it a cost-effective alternative to nearby commercial powerhouses like Hong Kong. Hotels in Zhuhai are used by executives from the numerous blue-chip companies that have located in this opportune destination.

What will I find special about Zhuhai?

The fast-paced development gripping China found a new outlet in Zhuhai’s lower costs and strategic location which allows access to the capital of Hong Kong at a far reduced cost. Companies are also investing in Zhuhai because of the city’s well-developed infrastructure and excellent investment environment. Zhuhai will soon be linked even more directly with Hong Kong by a 55 kilometre long bridge. The city's excellent infrastructure connections will be a strong draw for future international development in the city.

Why should I do business in Zhuhai?

This coastal city is a magnet for foreign investment. Forty-two of the world's top 100 companies have investment in Zhuhai. European companies such as Bosch, Philips and ABB have based themselves in the city. Of the numerous multinational companies that have invested heavily here in recent years, many operate in the technology industry.

What else is there to do from my hotel in Zhuhai?

Zhuhai is the venue for several international events including China's largest air show. The biannual air show is held in November and is a feat of engineering that is well worth travelling for. Another major event to be held close to your hotel in Zhuhai is an international circus festival that rivals the world-famous Cirque do Soleil in quality and sparkle. The largest aquarium in the world was also opened in Zhuhai in 2013, and on the subject of aquatics, you can see a statue of the city's symbol, a 'fishing girl', on the Xiangzhous coast. Another important attraction is a partial reconstruction of the magnificent three hundred year old Beijing Old Summer Palace. The grandeur of the original, destroyed in the 1860 Opium War, is brought viscerally back to life.