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Makarska - where the mountains meet the beaches

21300 Makarska City center: 0.6 km
21300 Makarska City center: 0.8 km
21300 Makarska City center: 1.3 km
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21320 Baška Voda City center: 5.7 km
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21322 Brela City center: 6.9 km
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21322 Brela City center: 8.4 km
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Given its stunning location, it is not surprising that Makarska has become one of Eastern Europe’s premier holiday locations. The town is nestled at the foot of the Biokovo Mountains, in a horseshoe-shaped cove, which looks out over the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Just a few kilometres out to sea there are a scattering of islands, which are easily accessible from the Makarska port, and house their own hotel resorts and hidden beaches. While Makarska is perennially popular with the holiday crowd, it has retained a lot of its Croatian heritage and history. The Old Town still features beautiful old buildings such as the 17th century St Mark’s Cathedral the Baroque-era Ivanisevic Palade, and the 500-year old Franciscan monastery, which now holds an extensive library of antique books, and a huge collection of shells from across the world.

Location: Makarska–life’s a beach

Even though it is only located 60 km south of Split, Makarska feels a lot more remote. This is probably because it is hidden from inland Croatia by the mountains, and sheltered from the Adriatic Sea by the bay. Its favourable location has made Makarska popular with merchants and sailors over the years, while the port is now used primarily for fishing boats and pleasure boats.

Business: Natural wonders

It’s not difficult to see the tourist potential in Makarska–as a holiday destination the city has it all: sun, sea, sand and culture. A number of excellent hotels and resorts have sprung up in recent years, and the city centre is well served by a range of cafes, restaurants, and bars catering to the eclectic tastes of their international visitors.

Culture: Ode to the sea

Makarska has a long history with the sea–for centuries it was easier for locals to traverse the Adriatic to the west, than to cross the mountains to the east. As a result, the city’s culture is very much tied up with its coastal location–the City Museum showcases the naval, fishing and trade history of the area, while the unusual (but fascinating) Museum of Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs is worth a quick visit. The old Franciscan Monastery holds one of the most extensive collections of shells in the world, including a giant clamshell that has provided many photo opportunities over the years.

Activities: By sea or by land

While most people come to Makarska to relax on the beach, it would be a shame to leave without experiencing some of the natural wonders of the surrounding area. The Biokovo Mountains offer some excellent hikes, while the warm, calm waters of the Makarska Riviera offer some great snorkelling, swimming and diving.