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What's special about booking a hotel in La Habana?

10200 La Habana City center: 1 km
10400 La Habana City center: 4.1 km
11400 La Habana City center: 0.8 km

La Habana is a unique place where a varied mix of people live among the remnants of a fascinating history. With its tropical climate and range of cultural and historic sites, it certainly makes for an engaging destination. The city’s economy is equally diverse, with a blend of traditional and new industries ranging from food production to biotechnology. Booking a hotel in La Habana opens up a range of business opportunities in this charming city.

What defines La Habana as a destination?

La Habana really began to develop in the 18th century, when its production of coffee and sugar spurred massive growth in the city. An attractive neoclassical architectural style emerged alongside the signature colourful houses. The city contains many distinct districts, from iconic Old Habana to the modern Vedado business district. Another thing you’ll notice as you look around is the incredible number of classic cars. Mid-20th-century vehicles dominate the streets, and you can even choose to take a tour in one.

Where are the biggest business events held in town?

The Havana International Conference Centre and the Conventions Palace are two major venues for business forums in La Habana. A range of regular events take place here, covering finance, science, architecture and many other subjects. The opening of free enterprise in 2011 has led to the city becoming increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs. The economy remains varied, with a great number working in manufacturing and the tourism services. Many others are employed in the finance and biotech sectors.

What else is there to do when I book my La Habana hotel?

If you’re interested in touring the city in a vintage car, head to the Museum of the Revolution or the Hotel Inglaterra, both in Chinatown. You’ll be driven around in style and have the unique opportunity to admire a classic vehicle in perfect condition. Live music is a staple of the Cuban lifestyle, with many bars and hotels in La Habana hosting nightly shows. Hotel Nacional, in the north-central part of the city, features regular performances by local celebrities. Alternatively, stick to one of the neighbourhood bars for a more intimate experience. For beachside relaxation after meetings, head to the eastern side of town to find the best spots for sitting and unwinding with a glass of rum.

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