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What makes a hotel in York a great choice for me?

YO1 6HT York City center: 0.4 km
Dbl. from 165.00EUR
YO10 3LF York City center: 2.6 km
Dbl. from 94.00EUR
Y01 9NX York City center: 0.4 km
Dbl. from 54.00EUR
YO1 6JT York City center: 0.6 km
Dbl. from 102.00EUR
YO10 4FD York City center: 0.6 km
Dbl. from 87.00EUR
YO24 1QQ York City center: 2.3 km
Dbl. from 104.00EUR
YO30 6AA York City center: 1.1 km
Dbl. from 115.00EUR
YO24 1GE York City center: 1.1 km
Dbl. from 58.00EUR
YO10 4PJ York City center: 2.5 km
Dbl. from 82.00EUR
YO1 9PL York City center: 0.5 km
Dbl. from 77.00EUR
YO1 9WD York City center: 0.2 km
Dbl. from 115.00EUR
YO1 6JF York City center: 0.2 km
Dbl. from 102.00EUR
YO30 1XW York City center: 5.2 km
Dbl. from 78.00EUR
YO32 9TE York City center: 4.8 km
Dbl. from 81.00EUR
YO10 4HE York City center: 1.8 km
Dbl. from 69.00EUR
YO1 6JG York City center: 0.3 km
Dbl. from 71.00EUR
LS24 8EQ York City center: 10 km
Dbl. from 67.00EUR
YO30 6AQ York City center: 1.2 km
Dbl. from 80.00EUR
YO61 1JB York City center: 17 km
Dbl. from 68.00EUR
YO1 7EH York City center: 0.6 km
Dbl. from 126.00EUR
YO1 7HP York City center: 0.4 km
Dbl. from 57.00EUR
DN14 0NE York City center: 20 km
YO30 7DH York City center: 1 km

York is one of England's oldest and most famous cities, and a hotel in York gives you the opportunity to be at the heart of it. It is home to some of the most spectacular historical sites and structures that you will find anywhere in the British Isles. York is exceptionally popular with business travellers all year around because of the excellent local businesses and support networks that Visit York provides.

What can I do in York?

York is known as the original city of adventure, and for very good reason. It is brimming with Roman, Viking and medieval history as well as the iconic York Minster, JORVIK, and the National Rail Museum, to name but a few. A walk around York is intriguing in itself as you are welcomed with unexpected sights around every corner.

Why should I choose York for a business trip?

Staying in York will give you ample opportunity for both work and play. With agriculture accounting for over 38% of registered business in the Yorkshire area, you would be very well placed in York city centre to connect with these thriving local businesses. Manufacturing, transport and logistics are also major players, so there are opportunities for varied business relationships to be made.

For networking opportunities, there are countless quality restaurants and cafés where you can discuss business ideas and propositions in a relaxed atmosphere. The most popular restaurant with travellers is The Park Restaurant, just a ten minute walk from the city centre. The Park serves only the freshest and best quality local produce. Travelling around York is simple with efficient bus and train links throughout Yorkshire and beyond. York has a central train station which links as far as London and Edinburgh.

Which sights can I see near my hotel in York?

York Minster is the most impressive building that can be found in York. This world class cathedral displays the most exquisite medieval stained glass windows as well as spectacular Gothic architecture. It is a quiet, serene, but majestic building where you can go to think and relax.

If relaxation is not what you are looking for, choose a hotel near the thrilling York Dungeons. A walk through the dungeons shows you some of the most horrifying, but highly entertaining, parts of British medieval and Viking history.