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95220 Herblay City center: 2 km
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Herblay is a stunning town whose brightly coloured buildings float above the Seine river on stalks, in a style that is reminiscent of Venice. Paris's commercial centre is about 20 minutes away, but Herblay has a delightful rural feel that makes it an attractive destination for business travellers and leisure visitors alike. Stay in a hotel in Herblay and in your downtime, take a river tour for the most scenic views of the town, discover its covered market, or immerse yourself in its seasonal festivals.

What can I discover here?

Herblay is one of the most desirable Paris suburbs, situated on the Seine, its architecture traditional yet grand. Local cultural offerings are of a very high quality. The town dates back to Roman rule, and its fortunes later fluctuated with those of the two bishops who historically presided over the city. Their influence can still be seen at Liberation Square, formerly known as the Tithe Barn, and in a vault of warheads located in the Val district.

What will my business experience be like?

Paris Saint-Lazare station is just 25 minutes from Herblay, which makes this suburb an attractive location for businesspeople working in France's capital. The majority of businesses in town are local, small to medium-sized enterprises located on Herblay's high street. Sustainable development is a key consideration for the residents of Herblay, and the town has invested in infrastructure that takes you effortlessly into the commercial centre of Paris, whilst preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the city. With Paris a mere 20km away, business travellers will love the luxury and leisure of the convenient and comfortable Herblay.

What else can I do from my hotel in Herblay?

Herblay is home to a state of the art Aquatic Centre, a wellness centre offering spa facilities and a range of therapeutic classes. A number of gyms and leisure centres around town provide ample training facilities, and sports fans can watch games at Herblay's stadium. For visitors looking to spend a night outside their Herblay hotel, Roger Barat Theatre has a spectacular range of productions throughout the year, and is a major venue involved in the prestigious Val d'Oise theatre festival. Concerts at the Conservatory of Music are of a very high quality, and range from contemporary jazz to more classical music.