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A L'Isle-d'Abeau hotel offers comfort and ease

38080 L'Isle-d'Abeau City center: 1.9 km
Dbl. from 89.00EUR
38080 L'Isle-d'Abeau City center: 1.6 km
Dbl. from 89.00EUR
38080 L'Isle-d'Abeau City center: 2.2 km
Dbl. from 42.00EUR
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Home to around nine hundred inhabitants, L'Isle-d'Abeau is located approx. 30 km east of Lyon, in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The town's train station is situated on the line that runs between Lyon and Grenoble, making it a perfect location for commuting to either city on business. When you book your L'Isle-d'Abeau hotel, you'll have access to a town that promotes new businesses, and offers visitors a welcoming reception.

What is unique about L'Isle-d'Abeau?

Inhabitants of the town call themselves Lilôts (Lilôtes is the feminine version), and are known for their personable and welcoming attitude. Though small in scale, L'Isle-d'Abeau is committed to its sustainable development agenda. You'll find a charming way of life here, with traditional celebrations like marches and dances, rustic scenery and historical monuments. These include the Saint-Germain Chapel, which dates back to the eleventh century, and the ruins of a fourteenth-century castle.

What will my business experience here be like?

The town welcomes foreign investment and new businesses, and has recently put money into improved infrastructure to encourage new enterprises to locate here. There are a number of features that make L'Isle-d'Abeau an attractive place in which to base your company, including a tight-knit business community, affordable office space, and a high quality of life. The town runs several 'salons' for the business community, informal networking events that seek to foster strong bonds. Such events include local beer and delicacy tasting sessions and outdoor business lunches, worked into the day. For international commerce, Lyon is less than an hour away by train, whilst Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport is a mere 20-minute drive away.

What activities can I enjoy, near to my L'Isle-d'Abeau hotel?

Le Millenium is a great cultural venue in L'Isle-d'Abeau, reachable from your hotel. As well as regular concerts and performances, there are entertaining live cookery shows here. The town is also situated amidst idyllic countryside, which is perfect for a leisurely stroll or bike ride. Be sure to sample the local delicacies on offer at the weekly food market, including locally-brewed beer and an array of superb locally-produced cheeses. If you're feeling active after a day of meetings, then head to the modern swimming pool, or avail of the gym facilities at the town's sports centre. There's even a 9-hole golf course, so that you can unwind over a round or two.