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Relax with a hotel in Saint-Julien-lès-Metz

57070 Saint-Julien-lès-Metz City center: 5 km
Dbl. from 43.00EUR
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57130 Metz City center: 6.1 km
Dbl. from 51.00EUR

Saint-Julien-lès-Metz is a town in northern France just outside the city of Metz, near to Luxembourg and Nancy. Come for its thriving business school, and stay for the local sense of entrepreneurship and traditional culture. Saint-Julien-lès-Metz hotels offer great facilities, comfortable surroundings and a convenient location.

What will I discover here?

Metz is a vibrant city in northern France, which has grown over the past twenty years into a significant commercial centre for the region. The local ICN Business School is flourishing, particularly its enterprise incubator, which has attracted blue-chip partners. There is so much going on culturally in the city that you can download a smartphone app for visitors from the Metz city website, so you will always have your finger on the pulse.

What will my experience of business here be like?

In recent years, Saint-Julien-lès-Metz has experienced strong economic development. This is a consequence of the natural growth of Metz's urban area. Though the population of the town is under 3,000, numerous companies have settled here to take advantage of lower-cost office space as well as the town's extensive green spaces. Metz is located an 30 minutes from Paris by train, and is the location of the IMC European Business School. Industry partners of the school include such business giants as Adecco, EDF Energy, Veolia, SNCR, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and others. The school facilitates local enterprise, and enjoys engagement with the international business community as well as its students and alumni. ICN Business School is older and more orientated towards management. Its Executive MBA degree is well-regarded and enriched by the broad range of research topics at the school, which include governance, innovation and logistics, as well as management.

What else can I do from my Saint-Julien-lès-Metz hotel?

Hotels in Saint-Julien-lès-Metz have plenty to offer business travellers. The heart of the cultural scene is in Metz, where you should visit the architecturally striking Centre Pompidou. The TCRM Centre is an interdisciplinary arts and entrepreneurship space where there is always something entertaining going on. There are some fantastic deals to find in the covered market, and you can try the region's favourite soup at Chez Mauricette. For fans of vintage shopping, visit the monthly flea market, Marchés aux Puces. Head to BAM et Trinitaires, a concert, festival and entertainment venue, or L'Arsenal, which holds classical concerts.