Freudenstadt – A favourite escape for those from near and far

72250 Freudenstadt City center: 1.1 km
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72250 Freudenstadt City center: 8.6 km
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72290 Loßburg City center: 0.1 km
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72250 Freudenstadt City center: 12 km
72250 Freudenstadt City center: 2.8 km
72250 Freudenstadt City center: 2.3 km
72250 Freudenstadt City center: 0 km
George V of England, John D. Rockefeller, and Mark Twain have all visited magical Freudenstadt, which has been a popular rural retreat for visitors since the 19th century. The city is known for its fresh air, and it offers a broad selection of hotels and restaurants, all in a magnificent setting amongst meadowland, forestry, and mountains. It also boasts the largest marketplace in Germany, perfect for relaxing and people watching after a day of exploring the surrounding countryside. It’s therefore little wonder that the city remains to be a popular destination for Germans from across the country to this day.

Location: On the edge of the Black Forest

The town is located in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany, and has a population of 24,000 people. Situated on a high plateau on the edge of the Black Forest, it is recognised for its clear air. The larger towns of Offenburg to the west and Tübingen to the east are both within a 50-kilometre drive. Stuttgart and its international airport are only 1 hour away by car. There, it is possible to catch flights to destinations all over Europe. The airport also has direct connections to the USA.

Business: Emerging international interest

The commercial scene was once dominated by small family-owned businesses. However, today these run alongside several international organisations in manufacturing and technology that have opened their doors in Freudenstadt, perhaps in the knowledge that their employees can relax in the open air after a long day at work. For meetings and conferences, the Kurhaus and Congress Centre offers modern technology and a variety of spaces, including a theatre with 630 seats and charming spa gardens.

Culture: Europe's largest marketplace

The market place in Freudenstadt is the largest in Germany, and it is lined with charming arcaded houses. Here, you can also find a selection of delightful cafes and restaurants as well as an interesting fountain that children are often can be found playing in during the summer. On the south side of the market place is the Gothic-Renaissance-style Evangelical Lutheran Church with green tower roofs, which dates back to the 15th century. The Town Hall, home to the museum of local history, can also be found on the square.

Activities: Get outdoors in the countryside's varied landscape

The town is surrounded by beautiful, varied landscapes including meadows, forests, and mountains that beckon to be explored in any season. Guided tours of the Black Forest are available year-round, whilst nearby ski slopes open during the winter season. Once you are back in the town, the tempting selection of local restaurants is available to satisfy your appetite after a long day outdoors.