Günzburg - Tourist and Holiday Destination

89312 Günzburg City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 79.00EUR
89312 Günzburg City center: 0.1 km
Dbl. from 76.00EUR
89312 Günzburg City center: 2.6 km
Dbl. from 149.00EUR
89312 Günzburg City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 89.00EUR
89312 Günzburg City center: 0.2 km
Dbl. from 125.00EUR
89312 Günzburg City center: 0.5 km
89312 Günzburg City center: 1.4 km
89312 Günzburg City center: 2.6 km
89312 Günzburg City center: 1 km
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89312 Günzburg City center: 0.3 km
Dbl. from 129.00EUR
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The colorful city of Günzburg is lively and ready to entertain its guests at all times. Although this is a popular destination for families with children, cyclists, and nature lovers find a place for themselves here as well. Visitors will immediately notice the charming Bavarian-style built buildings and know they are in the right place to experience culture, tourist fun, and great hospitality. There is so much going on in this town, because of the creative nature in the region that the locals pride themselves on. Should you ever need guidance for a place to stay, eat, or play, someone will have the right answers for you.

Location: Right Between Two State Capitals

Günzburg is nestled between two state capitals, Stuttgart and Munich. There are approximately 19,000 residents living in this city that is the center of the Danube-Iller region. With great pride, the city is a refurbished and traffic-free city center with nearly 200 buildings. They have a great time to offer you with beautiful foliage that frame a wide variety of dining options, chic accommodations, and museums to keep their visitors for a while.

Business: A Versatile Economy

As the city is the center of an important region, it only makes sense that its economic structure is versatile as well. There are large production plants in food and retail industries. Major banks have their offices in town, while the Chamber of Commerce of the district Swabia has a branch office in the region as well. Education is important to the people here, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to add on state-run vocational schools after secondary schools.

Culture: A Community That Appreciates the Arts

Thought the economic infrastructure is a big part of the towns make up, culture in the arts is also equally significant. Günzburg city hall sees many locals throughout the year for events of various interests. Visitors can check out theater performances, dances, concerts, and lectures. Summers in town are wonderful, as the weather is ideal then to experience at least two months of exciting events, concerts, and other outdoor activity.

Activities: Festivals and Farmer’s Markets

The famous Günzburg Festival is a great attraction for people of all ages. For the young ones, carnival-style rides are a joy to experience, while the adults may of course still participate, all of the festivals are located on the gorgeous Danube Beach. Guests can retreat to their cozy rooms after a day of exhilarating fun, and wake up fresh for the Farmer’s Market that happens every Saturday morning in the courtyard of Dossenberger House. And what is more, Legoland theme park is a true paradise for children and grown-ups that refuse to let go of their inner child.