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Metzingen hotels put you in fashion's heart

72555 Metzingen City center: 0.9 km
Dbl. from 83.00EUR
72555 Metzingen City center: 0.4 km
72555 Metzingen City center: 3.8 km
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Dbl. from 85.00EUR
72663 Großbettlingen City center: 4 km
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72663 Großbettlingen City center: 4.3 km
Dbl. from 152.00EUR
72764 Reutlingen City center: 4.4 km
Dbl. from 122.00EUR
72764 Reutlingen City center: 4.4 km
Dbl. from 124.00EUR
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Dbl. from 107.88EUR
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Dbl. from 119.00EUR
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70794 Filderstadt City center: 8.9 km
Dbl. from 79.00EUR

Metzingen, or Outlet City, is located in Germany's Baden-Württemberg region, 30 km south of Stuttgart. With a population of only 22,000 people, it is a peaceful place to base yourself for any business trip to south-west Germany. A hotel in Metzingen will offer Swabian hospitality, outside the confines of a bustling larger city. Experience the true local culture, alongside state-of-the-art hotels and business resources.

What is there to do in 'Outlet City'?

As the name suggests, Metzingen offers great proximity to the home of Hugo Boss and a whole other host of designer labels. As Hugo Boss' founding city, this is the star label of Metzingen. Since then, a whole variety of designer outlets have sprung up, attracting bargain hunters the world over. Pick up high-end brands at affordable prices. This is particularly true in the city's very centre, around Lindenplatz - here you can find an incredible array of luxury goods.

What else can I see in Metzingen?

It's not just shopping: there are many great sights around Metzingen. Check out the Museum of Viniculture on the Kelternplatz (“Wine Press Square”) if you are a lover of all things wine. Discover Metzingen's historical wine-growing culture, as well as sampling some produce. A shuttle departs regularly to nearby Stuttgart, easily connecting your hotel in Metzingen with Stuttgart's city centre. Here you can also find two great car museums, the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum. The architecture of these two buildings alone is worth the trip, and you can find out a lot about the technical side of how these cars are made. For more historical fare, the Schloss Lichtenstein is also very accessible. Known also as the "Fairy tale castle of Württemberg", it is a stunning architectural sight. Learn more about the history of the area and experience some of the beautiful natural views of the region.

What can I expect from a business trip to a hotel in Metzingen?

Metzingen hotels offer luxury comfort and an accessible location to larger nearby cities, particularly Stuttgart. Experience great hospitality alongside local traditional culture, a unique blend of past and present. The city supports growing businesses and trade, and is economically capable of providing you with all your business requirements, including conference and office spaces. Expect comprehensive business resources, as well as relaxation. This includes spa and other treatment facilities.