Moers – On the banks of the Rhine with stunning surrounding scenery

47443 Moers City center: 2.5 km
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47445 Moers City center: 4.1 km
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47447 Moers City center: 1.6 km
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47441 Moers City center: 2.9 km
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47447 Moers City center: 3.6 km
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47447 Moers City center: 4.2 km
47441 Moers City center: 0.9 km
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47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn - Neukirchen City center: 4.2 km
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With fenland to the south that is host to many unique plants and animals, Moers offers visitors a location of beauty and tranquillity with all the amenities of the city nearby. From the man-made hill produced from the old spoil tip of the now ceased mining industry, one can get a grand view of the surrounding area, and at night, when the Geleucht mining lamp, a 28-metre tower at the peak, is lit, it provides a wonderful setting with the sunset as a backdrop. The city plays host to many festivals throughout the year, but the most famous one takes place over Pentecost, when it is home to thousands of musicians and fans who come to partake of the annual jazz festival.

Location: On the Ruhr and Lower Rhine border

Easily accessible by road from the A50, A42, and A40 Autobahns that ring the city, Moers is just 25 kilometres north of Düsseldorf International Airport, and Venlo on the Dutch border is only 35 kilometres to the west. Its location means that many of Germany's historic cities, such as Mönchengladbach, Essen, and Dortmund are within easy travelling distances for a day trip.

Business: Close to one of Germany's most vital business hubs

Düsseldorf is less than 30 minutes away by car and has the excellent facilities of the CCD Congress Center, which hosts over 2,000 events each year. With three exhibition halls that can cater for up to 15,000 visitors, it is an excellent choice for business events of any size in an easily accessible location by car, train, and plane. Within Moers itself, there are hotels that can offer smaller venues for meetings and business conferences right on your doorstep.

Culture: A rich history dating back to Neolithic times

There have been archaeological findings of activity in the area dating back to 2,500 BC, but it is not until 2,000 years later that the first official evidence of settlers is made. The Romans, the Spanish, and the French, with a period under the rule of the Orange Order, have all shaped the city into what it is today, and as you walk through the streets, you can see some of the architecture from some of these occupations still standing. The oldest building of the town is the castle tower built in the 1200's, and the Grafschafter Museum gives an enthralling insight into the castle’s past and how the town came into being.

Activities: Entertainment in the streets throughout the year

The city's Schlosspark is one of the main venues for the many festivals that are hosted each year. The Moers Festival is a huge jazz music event, and you can hear not just jazz, but a heady mix of world music from the stages in the park. Every other year, the park is turned into a beautiful sea of colourful lights as the Parkfest takes place. Music compliments the light show during this festival as the evenings darken, and the event is a wonderful spectacle for the whole family to experience.