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Munich - Museums, culture, and Oktoberfest!

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H2 Hotel München Messe
H2 Hotel München Messe - Munich
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Munich is a city that is charming and quaint in many ways. It manages to retain some of its provincialism while pulsing with designer boutiques, excellent art collections, cultural scenes to die for and a bustling industry sector. This city of contradictions truly comes to life during Munich's beer festival Oktoberfest when tourists make a beeline from all over the planet. However, destination Munich has a lot to offer even otherwise. The capital and second-largest city in Bavaria, Munich has seen a confluence of ideas and cultures. The result is a city that believes in the mantra of 'live-and-let-live'. Often ranked as the world's most livable city, the city lives up to its motto "Munich loves you" by being a welcoming and cozy city.

Location: Visiting Munich in the plains of Upper Bavaria

Ensconced in the elevated plains of Upper Bavaria, Munich is located at an altitude of approximately 520 meters. Close to the northern edge of the Alps, this city enjoys a cool climate through most of the year. It is a well-connected city and a transport hub in Germany. The Munich International Airport is the seventh largest in Europe and caters to about 34 million passengers every year. With a burgeoning population of 2.6 million people, special attention has been paid to the transportation system in the city. It is well connected by the Munich U-Bahn, Munich S-Bahn, trams, buses, and motorized transport.

Business: Economic Center of Germany

Munich boasts of having the strongest economy and lowest unemployment rates as compared to other populous cities in Germany. This global city is quite a business hub and houses internationally renowned companies like Siemens AG, MAN AG, Allianz, and BMW. Companies like McDonald's and Microsoft host their German/European headquarters in Munich. One of Europe's most well-known film production studios, the Bavaria Film Studios and world's largest publishing firm, Random House's German branch are located here.

Culture: The Music Metropolis

While it may be most famous for its beer and legendary Oktoberfest, Munich is a culturally rich and vibrant city that loves music, art, museums, palaces, gardens, and more. With over 61 theaters, a state ballet, and 4 major orchestras, Munich is rightly known as the Music Metropolis. The Philharmonic under Christian Thielemann is one of the orchestras in Munich and is known as one of the best in the world.

Activities: Taste of Water Sports, Sausages, and Beer

Munich is renowned for beer, sausages, and surfing! The best way to enjoy what this glorious city has to offer is by taking a bike tour. The wide parks, winding riverbanks, elaborate plazas, and earthy beer gardens are best enjoyed on a bike. FC Bayern Munich fans will love the Allianz Arena, home ground to the team and the Fan Club Shop.