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Röhrnbach – The Most Famous Nature Reserve in Germany

94133 Röhrnbach City center: 0.1 km
94133 Röhrnbach City center: 2.2 km
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Röhrnbach is a hiking and mountain sports resort in the district of Freyung-Grafenau in Bavaria. The village dates back to the 12th Century, and flourished as a trade route known as the Bergreichenstein part of the Goldener Steig (Gold Trail). The network of routes is still there and links Bohemia with the River Danube. The town’s location on the Klafferstrasse, a vital medieval trade route, enabled the population to build a charming village among the gentle roll of surrounding hills, and with around 60 km of well-maintained and signposted hiking trails, the locality is still making the best use of the paths today. If you enjoy getting close to nature, Röhrnbach is an ideal base in an idyllic setting.

Location: Babe in the woods

Röhrnbach lies in the Danube-Wald Region of the southern Bavarian Forest. The town is located 22 km north of Passau, 12 km south of Freyung and 30 km from Philippsreut on the border of the Czech Republic. The town is easily accessible via major airports in three countries, the closest one being Linz Airport in Austria.

Culture: Back to the roots

The medieval market town of Röhrnbach provides an interesting past for history buffs with many old buildings to be visited, such as the Baroque parish church of St. Michael, built between 1746 and 1750. The Local History Working Group of the Cultural Association has put a lot of time and effort into documenting the town’s history to bring it to life on wall panels of 17 buildings, including the daughter church of St. Korona in Oberndorf.

Activities: Hiking and biking

Due to Röhrnbach’s stunning location, visitors have an abundance of routes to explore, including the Bavarian Forest National Park, Europe’s "Green Roof"–the oldest and first internationally recognized national park in Germany. Visit the famous "Fürstenecker Triftsteig," a thematic path that is designed to bring locals and guests inside the beauty of a rare original river landscape, as well as to preserve the area’s history and culture. The focus of this theme path is on dealing with driftwood, one of the historic main industries of the region. In Fürsteneck, numerous relics, such as embankments and drift barriers, remain from the early days of driftwood harvesting in the Bavarian Forest between the Danube and the Bohemian Forest at Ilz and Wolfsteiner Ohe. If hiking is not your thing, hire a mountain bike and discover the region on two wheels. Starting points for the round trip are in Atzldorf and at the Schrottenbaummühle in Fürsteneck.