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Why you should stay at a hotel in Rostock

18057 Rostock City center: 0.9 km
Dbl. from 74.00EUR
18055 Rostock City center: 0.3 km
Dbl. from 110.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.2 km
Dbl. from 100.00EUR
18057 Rostock City center: 1.5 km
Dbl. from 69.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.8 km
Dbl. from 99.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 12.8 km
Dbl. from 60.00EUR
18069 Rostock City center: 4.1 km
Dbl. from 68.00EUR
18146 Rostock City center: 21.1 km
Dbl. from 73.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.9 km
Dbl. from 85.00EUR
18146 Rostock City center: 11.4 km
Dbl. from 107.00EUR
18055 Rostock City center: 0.7 km
Dbl. from 99.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.8 km
Dbl. from 219.00EUR
18055 Rostock City center: 1.3 km
Dbl. from 95.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.9 km
Dbl. from 125.00EUR
18069 Rostock City center: 4.5 km
Dbl. from 63.00EUR
18146 Rostock City center: 12.7 km
Dbl. from 85.00EUR
18055 Rostock City center: 2.3 km
Dbl. from 104.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 1 km
Dbl. from 158.00EUR
18055 Rostock City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 79.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.6 km
Dbl. from 82.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.9 km
Dbl. from 74.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.7 km
Dbl. from 102.00EUR
18055 Rostock City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 94.00EUR
18059 Rostock City center: 3.7 km
Dbl. from 79.00EUR
18119 Rostock City center: 10.4 km
Dbl. from 86.00EUR

The biggest city in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, Rostock boasts old architecture, beach culture, urban flair, and rich education. The city is home to one of Germany’s oldest universities, an important centre for research and technology. The city covers 20km along the Warnow River and ends at the Baltic Sea. Rostock’s sea port is a vital facility for ferries and cargo. The urban centre is well connected to motorways that run through Germany and Europe. It is served by Rostock-Laage Airport, which has flights to domestic and international destinations. You are sure to find a Rostock hotel suitable your travel needs.

What attractions are not to be missed when I visit Rostock?

A modern city that has retained its medieval charm, Rostock is known for its maritime history. One of its most important landmarks is the Warnemünde Lighthouse. While in the area, take a walk along the Warnemünde beach. Another place of interest where you can take clients is the New Square Market, considered one of the prettiest sites in the city, and known for its Gothic town hall and beautifully restored gable houses. In the vicinity is a well-restored Gothic house, the Kerkohofhaus.

What should I know about the business sector in Rostock?

The economy of Rostock is based on maritime trade and industries, high technologies (bio techno, IT, medical engineering, and air space travel), the services sector, and tourism. These form the lifeblood of the city. Additionally, Rostock is known as the ‘shop window of the north’, and is a popular trade fair site in northern Germany. It hosts trade shows and exhibitions year round, including the Oldtimermarkt car show and the GastRo hospitality fair. The HanseMesse Rostock is a favourite event venue.

What can I do after work around my hotel in Rostock?

For business travellers on the go, a relaxing day at the Warnemunde Kur Park is the perfect way to clear your head. You could also bring guests to one of the many bars and restaurants along the Warnow for a business lunch or dinner while enjoying the waterfront. Invite clients for a tour of the Rostock Brewery and sample their wonderful brew. Whether you have a few hours or days of free time, there is a wealth of entertainment options around your Rostock hotel that are sure to please.