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Tubingen – An Invigorating Cocktail of Bright Spirits

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Tubingen is a town with a young spirit, bolstered by a yearly influx of students enrolled in the noble Eberhard Karl University. The high-minded spirit, traditional setting, and vitality of youth bring in an exciting flavour to the city’s cultural landscape. With a chequered history dating back to dark medieval times, the city has endured and encountered mixed fortunes, but with the tranquil waters of the Neckar River and the surrounding Swabian Alb Mountains, the good times are restored and there are plenty of outdoor activities and a rich cuisine for visitors to enjoy.

Location: Within easy reach of major cities in the Southwest Germany

Situated 30 kilometres south of Stuttgart in the State of Baden-Wurttemberg, Tubingen is easily reached along its intersection of the major network routes. Newcomers may want to try out the relaxing experience of navigating the River Neckar, which threads its way through the town, in boats propelled by poles.

Culture: For mind, body, and spirit

One of the major attractions of Tubingen is the ChocolART Festival, an annual affair that takes place every December. Showcasing domestic and international chocolate industry products, the festival attracts visitors from all over the world. Food connoisseurs have more than chocolate to indulge in. An array of home-baked goods are on offer at the Umbrian-Provencal Market that provides the platform for the local food vendors, together with the art and craft specialists from the twin cities of Aix-en-Provençe and Perugia. Music buffs can choose from a number of concerts and festivals, including the Water Music Festival and the annual Festival of Jazz and Classical Music.

Activities: A History of art and science

The town is a good starting point for visiting the nearby cities in Germany and across the border. Allow some time in Tubingen and soak up the atmosphere of the medieval setting before you head out to visit its bigger neighbours. A walk through the cobbled streets amidst well-preserved gems of old architecture reveals the town’s soul and spirit. It is a much welcome respite from the modern day glitzy and barren extravaganza of concrete and glass. A sensitive visitor is easily taken with the 900 years of history and influence, much of which is reflected in the classical modern art exhibitions of the Kunsthalle and the impressive Hohentubingen Castle, which showcases the city’s infamous scientific discoveries and exhibits seven collections complimented by various other institutions.