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New enterprise with hotels in Pekanbaru

28294 Pekanbaru City center: 5.2 km


Located on the island of Sumatra, Pekanbaru is the capital city of the Riau region, as well as the ninth largest city in Indonesia. Situated on the Siak River, the name ‘Pekanbaru’ means ‘new market’ when translated into English. The economy of Pekanbaru heavily depends on the petroleum industry, because most of the petroleum in Indonesia is produced in Riau. The city also has a strong tourism industry owing to its proximity to tourist havens like Singapore and Malaysia. Book a hotel in Pekanbaru and discover new business opportunities on Indonesia's biggest island.

What attractions can I visit in my spare time in Pekanbaru?

There is so much you can do in this city after work. Explore beautiful and unique architecture such as the Masjid An-Nur, which is one of the most impressive mosques in the country. When you look at the architecture of this mosque, you will see influences of Turkish, Indian, Arabic, and Malay styles. The Museum Negeri Riau is another attraction that you can visit when you are in Pekanbaru. This museum is located on the way to the airport and houses a unique collection of cultural relics from the Riau province.

Which trade shows can I be a part of in Pekanbaru?

Pekanbaru hosts its fair share of trade shows, including the Riau Industrial Expo. This expo hosts representatives of the oil, gas, and mining industries and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the recent trends in the markets and the latest technologies. This is the perfect platform if you are exploring new business opportunities. When you are staying at one of the best business hotels in this city, you will be able to enjoy numerous facilities such as office space and conference rooms, as well as all the amenities to make your stay a comfortable one.

What unique places can I visit from my hotel in Pekanbaru?

If fishing is your favourite recreational activity, head to the Alam Mayang Fishing Park, which is home to different fishing ponds that house different species of fish. Even if you aren't a keen angler, the park is still worth visiting. There are also plenty of waterfalls in the region; head to Batang Korban Waterfall and Guruh Gemurai to enjoy their incredible natural beauty. Don't be afraid to ask your Pekanbaru hotel for restaurant or activity recommendations durinfg your stay.