Tremezzo - The most popular tourist attraction in the Tremezzina region

22016 Tremezzo City center: 30 km
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22011 Griante City center: 0.7 km
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22021 Bellagio City center: 2 km
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22021 Bellagio City center: 2 km
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Tremezzo is home to approximately 1,300 residents, being part of one of the most popular tourist attractions of Lake Como. The town is part of a unique commune, the Tremezzina. Villas and enormous hotels were built as far back as the 17th century, making the experience of visiting the small town perfect for those looking to get both a touristy and relaxing stay in one time. With its proximity to other villages that are also popular for tourists and as picturesque, travelers often make time to take quick day trips to these locations for a more fulfilling trip. See why the Tremezzo is known to have “two souls” next.

Location: Between Lake Como and a Beautiful Place

Specifically, this town is located on the western shore of Lake Como, and just twenty kilometers from the town of Como. Tremezzo itself is considered a comune of the Italian region Lombardy–a comune is similar to what the definition of a city is in the United States. The comune is located right on the shore facing the lake, and nature’s bounty of mountain ranges, flowing gardens, and much more right around every corner.

Business: Small Comune Thrives From Curious Travelers

As the town is known for its historical value and obvious picturesque views, tourism is the main factor in its economy. Even with a small population of only 1,300 residents or so, there are over at least ten different hotels, bed and breakfasts, and boutique lodgings available to choose from for travelers. The majestic villas constructed centuries ago, charming local restaurants, and exploration of the natural settings around are how the people of the town make a living.

Culture: History and Warm Hospitality Go Hand in Hand

Once you arrive to this quiet yet bustling little town, you will immediately be encompassed by the warm hospitality that the natives deliver. From attentiveness to aims to please guests, the surrounding beauty will only compliment the naturally gentle-natured people of town. Other parts of Italy are more fast-paced, while here in Tremezzo, travelers can expect to sit back and enjoy a relaxing visit with people who really know their own town. If visitors are ever in need of advice on where to eat, play, or sleep in the town, no doubt that someone will point you in the right direction.

Activities: Outdoor Excursions, Villa Tours, and More

For great photo opportunities, the area of Rogaro holds an intriguing ancient tower, atop land that extends from the lake’s shores all the way to the hilly background, at the foot of Monte Crocione. There is an excursion that will lead to Monte Crocione, which typically takes around four hours or so, so prepare for a longer day trip for this activity. Travelers typically also plan visits to neighboring towns of Lenno and Mezzegra while visiting Tremezzo.