Enjoy the possibilities of a Hakata-ku hotel

812 0011 Fukuoka-shi City center: 0.3 km
Dbl. from 150.00EUR

Hakata-ku is a ward of Fukuoka in Japan, and a hotel in Hakata-ku places you perfectly for any business trips to the city. In this ward you'll find Fukuoka's international airport, main train station and the Hakata Port international passenger ship terminal, so it's a convenient location for anybody arriving from overseas or around Japan. Hakata-ku also holds most of the city's primary commercial, governmental and entertainment centres. Though strikingly modern, Hakata-ku is a historic, culturally rich ward and there are many points of interest for business travellers outside work hours.

What does Hakata-ku have in store for me?

Hakata-ku is the financial hub of Fukuoka, and there is no shortage of activity. Plenty of hotels can be found between the airport and main train station, ideal for business travellers coming from afar. Hakata-ku is well connected by subway road to the rest of Fukuoka, so those wanting to see more of the city may like a hotel around one of the popular, vibrant commercial districts such as Yoshizuka station. Hakata-ku is centrally located in Fukuoka, reaching to the port that has historically been one of the major links between Japan and Korea.

Why does Hakata-ku suit me as a business traveller?

Hakata-ku is the centre of Fukuoka's commercial activity, and the majority of major business facilities and events can be found here. ACROSS Fukuoka Foundation, not far from Hakata Station, is a major multi-purpose facility that regularly hosts global forums, such as the Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference. Right on the shoreline in Hakata-ku is the massive Fukuoka Convention Center, another venue for large conferences and trade fairs. Hakata-ku's many hotels also boast excellent business and conference facilities, and most are conveniently located around Hakata-ku's waterfront so they're easy to get to.

What else can I discover with a hotel in Hakata-ku?

Hakata-ku is a booming modern metropolis, but it is also part of one of Japan's oldest cities, and the cultural attractions should not be overlooked when staying in a Hakata-ku hotel. Hakata-ku has historically been famous for the production of Hakata Ningyo, a traditional kind of Japanese doll that makes for an excellent souvenir. Food is also a large part of Hakata-ku's heritage, and you should not miss the chance to taste Hakata-ku's famous Nagahama style of Ramen - you'll find plenty of enticing, aromatic options north west of Oyakuko Street.