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Looking forward to a hotel in Takayama-shi

506-0033 Takayama-shi City center: 2.7 km

Wedged inside the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama-shi is a must on every Japanese itinerary owing to its tranquil vibes, rural markets and beautiful old town. Once known for its prowess in carpentry and timber, today the city is home to the Takayama Festival, ranked one of Japan's three most beautiful festivals. Moreover, a hotel in Takayama-shi is a splendid base to explore the Northern Japan Alps and the Hida Region.

Why should I visit Takayama-shi on my business trip?

Takayama-shi's old town has beautifully-preserved 15th century buildings dating to the Edo Period. Sannomachi Street bustles with old merchant homes, cafés, shops and traditional buildings such as Takayama Jinya. Local translucent lacquer works and straw works will make for excellent gifts to take back home. Fujii Art Gallery exhibits local art objects and household items. History enthusiasts should not miss the Hida Archaeology Museum, one of the oldest standing structures in Sannomachi Street.

The Takayama Festival which takes place every year in spring and autumn draws record crowds for its gigantic, colourful floats and Karakuri mechanical doll performances.

Where do I find the big business events?

Just two hours by express train from Nagoya, Takayami-shi enjoys its reputation as Japan's Little Kyoto. The city is served by the Chubu International Airport (2,5 hrs away) and boasts excellent train and bus connections to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, making it an ideal base for the business traveller looking for an authentic Japanese sojourn. Most of the city's important business events take place at Hida Takayama Tourism & Convention Bureau. Many hotels in Takayama-shi also have excellent meeting facilities.

How do I enjoy my downtime with a hotel in Takayama-shi?

Kick start your day with a stroll through Takayama's daily morning markets which sell tasty snacks and farm products. After a day of meetings, the ambient old town beckons with its sake breweries with cedar branches hanging over the entrance. After work, visit the Hida Folk Village open museum where houses from the mountainous Gifu Prefecture region await. Near your hotel in Takayama-shi is the Hida Takayama Crafts Experience Center where you can learn to make glass wind chimes, sarubobo dolls and more. A shrine tour through Takayama-shi's numerous historic temples and shrines is an absolute must. Cycle hire in Takayama-shi is possible and a great way for business travellers to get some exercise.