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Discover Lithuania with a hotel in Druskininkai

66120 Druskininkai City center: 0.4 km
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Druskininkai City center: 0.6 km
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66119 Druskininkai City center: 0.7 km
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61118 Druskininkai City center: 0.6 km
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Druskininkai, Lithuania, is located in the stunning Dzukija landscape, about 130 kilometres south west of the capital Vilnius and 40 kilometres north of Belarus. The town grew with the construction of the railway line between Warsaw and Saint Petersburg. The result is a business haven with a myriad of spa resorts and wellness-boosting activities to soothe the weary traveller after a long day. Druskininkai hotels, conferences and future-thinking business events have made it popular with executive level travellers.

What puts Druskininkai on the map?

Besides being well connected with other European commercial centres, the city is an important meeting place for businesses interested in building new partnerships in Lithuania and Europe. It has strong connections with European business and financial bodies including the British Chamber of Commerce. The city is well organised to enable foreign businesses to integrate with local markets. Druskininkai's business community has helpfully mapped out the facilities available to foreign investors. New businesses can obtain legal and tax support services, local business directories and a full corporate events schedule.

What is it like to do business from my Druskininkai hotel?

Druskininkai is a paradise for business travellers in more ways than one. Business connections with the city include Enterprise Lithuania, the Lithuanian Business Confederation and the European Enterprise Network. Enterprise Lithuania provides support for foreign businesses interested in Lithuanian products and services by providing information and facilitating partnerships through B2B events, exhibitions and seminars. They provide a link with the i**nternational business community** and latest business trends. The Lithuanian Business Confederation is the largest in the country, and represents service, trade and technology companies. It is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Chamber Federation, and works to develop new markets and business partnerships. The Confederation also offers a suite of conferences, seminars and round table discussions.

How can I relax when I am staying with a Druskininkai hotel?

In the moments between meetings, you can take advantage of the luxurious spas, wellness centres and golf courses in this naturally beautiful spot. The stunning Grutas Park is the perfect place to wind down after a long day in the office or at weekends. If you're staying with a hotel in Druskininkai and enjoy an active lifestyle, you will be pleased to know that the town has one of the largest indoor ski resorts in Europe.