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15150 Kota Bharu, Kota City center: 2.2 km
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Kota Bharu is the state capital of Kelantan - and it's also the seat of the King, which is why its name roughly translates into "new castle" in Malay. It has a rich history, and a prosperous one, with the Kelantan River serving as an easy import and export route for traders in all kinds of goods. Situated near the Thai border, hotels in Kota Bharu are a popular stop for travellers and commuters alike, and is well served by public transportation. Its location also makes it one of the country's most temperate areas, with no significant dry season but a drop in temperature through the winter season of December to February.

What are the highlights of Kota Bharu?

Because of its status as a royal seat, Kota Bharu has a number of ancient palaces to be admired. While those still occupied by the sultan and sultanah are expectedly off-limits, you can still view the outside and the stunning architecture. The former royal buildings are open to the public, and are conveniently situated in the town centre.

What can I expect from a business trip to Kota Bharu?

Kota Bharu is a hub for a number of industries. Its successful history in importing and exporting make it a passway for farmers, manufacturers and miners of everything from gold to bamboo to black pepper. It's also a thriving tourist area thanks to its palaces and museums, and has a number of shopping districts that help boost the area's economy.

What can I do after work when staying at a hotel in Kota Bharu?

As well as exploring the old royal buildings and today's stunning palaces, you can take in the many museums and mosques from your Kota Bharu hotel. While the area is - like most of Malaysia - mostly Muslim, there are also big Christian and Buddhist communities - the latter presumably because of the city's proximity to Thailand and the local Chinese community. This makes for a number of beautiful and diverse religious buildings that can be explored. There are also a number of museums in the area that display the state's rich history. One of the other popular activities in the area is shopping, thanks to the famous Kota Bharu Central Market and the Kota Bharu Trade Centre, amongst other big shopping centres.