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Book a hotel for your Maputo business trip

340 Maputo City center: 2.2 km
Dbl. from 98.00EUR
3230 Maputo City center: 6 km
Maputo City center: 1.8 km
4376 Maputo City center: 1.7 km
407 Maputo City center: 3 km
Maputo City center: 2 km

The best hotels in Maputo are located around the bay in the south of the city, overlooking clear waters flanked by lush greenery. The bay area is also home to the city’s business and cultural centre and is a short drive from the conveniently located inner-city airport. Maputo's harbour has important trade links to the rest of Africa and beyond, and it's from there that the city's commercial core has expanded. The Mozambican capital is a popular destination for pleasure, and business travellers can enjoy a range of water-based activities and culinary delights in the city on their downtime.

What makes Maputo an appealing destination for business travel?

A former part of the Portuguese empire, Mozambique bears a fascinating history that’s evident in its distinct architecture. As a major centre for business in southern Africa, many multinationals are based here. There's an important focus on logistics, IT and financial services. The city is great for business travel because so much is centred around the compact bay area, including the beautiful beaches. Also, enjoy fine dining that mixes Portuguese and African cuisine, and buy excellent wines from Portugal and South Africa.

Where can I do business in Maputo?

Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre and the Radisson Blu Hotel, which are virtually next door to each other on the bay, offer world class conference spaces. Both are located overlooking the bay and can be booked for your business events. The Maputo International Fair is an annual showcase of the commercial and industrial activities of Mozambique. It's an important networking event for businesses in the region and includes awards for the country's best exporters as well as educational events.

What highlights to enjoy when I book a hotel in Maputo?

Visiting a Maputo hotel on your business trip puts you at the heart of a vibrant southern African city which is also a hub for international trade. Just across the water is Catembe, a charming town that’s easily accessible by ferry. In the city itself, Restaurante Sheik offers high-end cuisine and cocktails. It also has a downstairs club that’s popular with local and international professionals. Cristal, on the city’s grand 24th of July Avenue, is an excellent upmarket Portuguese restaurant. All of this makes Maputo a convenient and enjoyable destination for international business travellers.