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Kathmandu – A Crucial City with 2,000 Years of History

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Kathmandu City center: 1.6 km
Archaeological excavations are constantly digging up history in Nepal's capital city. In fact, the oldest finding to date was a statue dating as far back as the year 185. Today, this cultural melting pot is home to over one and a half million residents taking advantage of the most advanced infrastructure in the whole country. The city is often considered cosmopolitan, because not only are there residents who still practice traditional religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, but many cultures and religions collide here. It may be surprising to some, but many educated people in the area know English on top of their native language Nepali.

Location: In the Kathmandu Valley

This metropolis, spanning 50 square kilometers, is surrounded by the Lalitpur and Kiritipur Municipalities. The entire agglomerate not only covers the Kathmandu Valley, but extends beyond it. Eight rivers flow through the area, which originate in the mountains that provide access into and out of the city. The climate is categorized as the Warm Temperate Zone, but some parts of the city have different climates due to the elevation difference.

Business: Important Industrial and Commercial Center

The town's stable economy goes back centuries, mainly due to the flat terrain and fertile soil as well as its proximity to China and India. It was once an offshoot of the famous Silk Road, where trade was conducted easily between countries. More recently, industry and commercial businesses have been coming from all around, boosting the economy even more. Just manufacturing items such as garments and carpets have made almost 20 percent of the local GDP.

Culture: Festivals and an Artist's Paradise

Those living in this wonderful capital stay true to their heritage by celebrating historical festivals, such as those celebrated by Newars in the Malla period. Shivrati, Durga Puja, and Ghode Jatra are just a few of the cultural celebrations held each year. Kathmandu is also considered a paradise for art and sculptures. Many amazing works of art made from stone or terracotta can be found in various temples throughout the city, but they can also be seen in courtyards and street corners. The largest library in the country solidifies the importance of local literature, containing 70,000 books.

Activities: Music, Movies, and Museums

Just like elsewhere, residents of this city in Nepal enjoy great entertainment. Music and dance are an integral part of cultural festivals. Residents enjoy theatre and film, some from their own culture, and others are popular Hollywood and Bollywood productions. However, for those who would like to delve into history and culture, dozens of museums in the city have artifacts dating back to the 5th century CE.

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