Bucharest - Come See "Little Paris"

014051 Bucharest City center: 6.7 km
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021495 Bucharest City center: 2.6 km
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010111 Bucharest City center: 0 km
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021381 Bucharest City center: 0 km
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010344 Bucharest City center: 1.2 km
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030662 Bucharest City center: 1.2 km
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010601 Bucharest City center: 1.5 km
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011362 Bucharest City center: 3.5 km
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061426 Bucharest City center: 5 km
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011471 Bucharest City center: 4.5 km
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032624 Bucharest City center: 11 km
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030041 Bucharest City center: 0.2 km
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020493 Bucharest City center: 0.9 km
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010213 Bucharest City center: 1.1 km
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014292 Bucharest City center: 5.7 km
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032067 Bucharest City center: 7 km
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020285 Bucharest City center: 4.6 km
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010667 Bucharest City center: 1.7 km
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077190 Bucharest City center: 9.1 km
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010574 Bucharest City center: 1.9 km
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Bucharest City center: 11.2 km
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010082 Bucharest City center: 0.4 km
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010096 Bucharest City center: 1.5 km
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030964 Bucharest City center: 3 km
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013504 Bucharest City center: 10.5 km
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The first notable mention of this Romanian city is from 1459, when it became the home of the famous Wallachian prince Vlad III the Impaler. Throughout history, it stayed the summer residence of the royal court and the permanent location of the Wallachian court after 1698. It traded hands many times, even being under Austrian and Imperial Russian control at certain points. In 1862, when Wallachia and Moldavia were united, it became the capital of the Principality of Romania. The 19th century also saw a population growth and a huge urban and economic boom, and the river was channeled. This led to a cosmopolitan society similar to Paris. It is still undergoing urban growth as well as residential development today.

Location: On the Banks of the Dâmbovița River

This river runs straight into the Anges, a tributary of the Danube. Many lakes are scattered across the northern parts of the city, like Lake Herăstrău. In the center of town is an artificial lake surrounded by gardens that have been frequented by famous poets and writers throughout history. Once covered by the Vlăsiei forest, the Romanian Plain the city sits on has turned into fertile flatlands.

Business: Industrial and Financial Center of the Country

Bucharest is responsible for one quarter of the country's industrial production as well as over 25% of the GDP. The economy is centered on industry as well as services. There are 186,000 headquarters located within the capital's limits. In recent years, industries such as construction and information technology have been growing to become new big money makers in the region. But retail is at its peak, with supermarkets popping up on every corner.

Culture: Architecture, Landmarks, and the Arts

One of the things that the nicety is most known for is its architecture, much of it dating back to the Golden Age. You can see it scattered throughout the city in churches, monasteries, and even re-purposed buildings like banks and shopping centers. One of the most famous local landmarks is also the largest parliament building in the world, housing not just the Romanian Parliament but also the National Museum of Contemporary Art, which features collections of medieval and modern Romanian art.

Activities: Music, Nightlife, and Festivals

Bucharest is the home of the majority of recording labels of the country, and famous musicians and bands like Iris and B.U.G. Mafia lending to its reputation as a great place for a concert. Entertainment venues are scattered throughout the city as well as some of the best electronic music dance clubs in the entirety of Europe, adding to the nighttime scene. On top of that, there are always festivals going on, such as the Chinese New Year's Eve Festival and the International Opera Festival.