Bled - Slovenia’s finest alpine town

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The alpine town of Bled, located in north-western Slovenia, is well-known for its stunning natural scenery and romantic atmosphere. The area is most popular for its beautiful glacial lake, which contains a picturesque island featuring the Church of the Assumption in its centre. Towering over the lake is Bled Castle, perched high atop the surrounding Julian Alps. The area around Bled is also popular for its proximity to Triglav National Park, which contains some breathtaking sites like the Vintgar Gorge and is a fantastic place for hiking and photography. Additionally, the town contains natural thermal springs, which feed into several of the local spas and give visitors the gift of a relaxing, stress-free holiday.

Location: Below the Julian Alps in north-western Slovenia

Bled is located in north-western Slovenia in the Upper Carniola region. Surrounding the town are the Julian Alps, which look down over Lake Bled. Reaching the area is easily done by all forms of transportation. The nearest airport is Joze Pucnik in Ljubljana, just 36 km away. Bled can also be accessed via Lesce-Bled train station and by bus from all major towns in Slovenia.

Business: A tourist resort and popular business destination

Bled enjoys a tourism-based economy with visitors year-round who come to be a part of the natural beauty in the area. Services including hotels, restaurants, and spas are the main providers of jobs; however, there are many tour agencies here offering tours to Triglav National Park. Bled is also a popular business destination, and those coming for business can arrange or attend conferences at Bled Congress Centre.

Culture: Lake Bled, Bled Castle, and Kremna Rezina!

This town may be small, but it is rich with cultural attractions. Lake Bled and its island with the Church of the Assumption are must-sees for any visitor, as well as Bled Castle, which overlooks the town. And no trip to Bled would be complete without trying a famous ‘Kremna Rezina”, a vanilla cream cake known for being the best in Slovenia.

Activities: Visit the national park, see the sites, and relax

Activities in the area are exciting and inspiring. During your stay, a trip to Triglav National Park is a must-do. Here, you can enjoy a moderate hike and witness the beautiful Vintgar Gorge. Other activities include fishing on the lake, a visit to the island on an iconic Pletna boat, and a relaxing spa treatment in the thermal baths.