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A taste of Eastern Europe in a Maribor hotel

2112 Maribor City center: 4.4 km
Dbl. from 55.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 104.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 4.7 km
Dbl. from 108.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 10 km
Dbl. from 51.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 0.3 km
Dbl. from 78.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 69.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 1.3 km
Dbl. from 63.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 3.5 km
Dbl. from 74.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 4.5 km
Dbl. from 67.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 0 km
Dbl. from 35.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 2 km
Dbl. from 62.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 2.3 km
Dbl. from 76.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 4.1 km
Dbl. from 61.00EUR
2000 Maribor City center: 4.6 km
Dbl. from 55.00EUR

If you book a hotel in Maribor, you will get to know the second largest city in Slovenia. Maribor has been the seat of a Roman Catholic Archbishop since 1975. Its exceptional business school is part of the University of Maribor and draws business travellers with its world-class lecturers and students. The city is well connected to other business centres in the region by train and has its own airport.

What else will I discover in Maribor?

Maribor was voted European Capital of Culture in 2012, and from your hotel here, you can access some of Europe's most avant-garde jazz contextualised by architecture that dates back to medieval times. The city's position near to Austria and its industrial significance have led to an influx of creativity. The annual Lent Festival is the biggest in the Balkans, and the city also boasts a myriad of bars, galleries and music venues. Maribor's mountainous outskirts also host the mountain bike world cup.

What should I expect from business life in Maribor?

The University of Maribor's business curriculum focuses on international trade and encourages the application of knowledge in practice. As a result, you will find established businesses and government bodies working in partnership for sustainable economic growth in Slovenia. Another benefit of these partnerships is the development of mutually beneficial business strategies. Courses encourage students to travel to business hotspots worldwide in order to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. This invites high quality, open dialogue with other leading businesses worldwide and contributes to Maribor's international-level business environment.

What can I do from my hotel in Maribor after work?

Outside the city you will find the stunning ski resort Mariborsko Pohorje which also hosts the Alpine World Cup. If you miss the Lent Festival on your stay in a Maribor hotel, there is also a fortnight-long festival of music in September: 'Glasbeni September' includes a variety of styles and caters to different tastes. The oldest vine in the world 'Stara Trta' is estimated to be over 400 years old and grows on the banks of the nearby Drava river. The small wine museum and tasting centre here allows visitors to sample wine varieties from the three kilometre long wine cellar. Or have a gander at Maribor Cathedral, the impressive seat of the Catholic Archbishopry which stands in Slomškov Square and dates from the 12th century.