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Colombo - Visiting the Capital of Sri Lanka

Colombo City center: 0.3 km
Dbl. from 303.00EUR
00200 Colombo City center: 2.1 km
Dbl. from 198.00EUR
00100 Colombo City center: 1.4 km
00200 Colombo City center: 1.8 km
11410 Colombo City center: 20.3 km
Colombo City center: 0.4 km
Colombo City center: 1.6 km
Colombo is a rather appropriate namesake for being the largest city in the country of Sri Lanka. There are approximately 4.6 million residents in the metropolitan area, and it is definitely a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. With two very desirable traits, this city offers modern towering skyscrapers as well as preservation of colonial buildings and ruins. Colombo was rightfully named the capital of Sri Lanka, when they ceded to the British Empire in 1815. As Sri Lanka is an island nation, the metropolitan city that faces the sea is a fun place for many types of travelers on business, or just to enjoy the nightlife and food scene.

Location: Largest City on the Island of Sri Lanka

Colombo’s geography is slightly similar to that of New York City in the United States, with exception to the many canals that the city houses throughout. In the heart of the city, Beira Lake is 65 hectares, and is known to be the most distinctive feature of the city. It stays warm throughout the year, with an average of about 31 degrees Celsius maximum, with the rainy seasons at its peak in May, October, and November.

Business: Corporate Life in the Metro

As the city’s population is quite dense, there must be opportunity for work as well. Much of the economy is made of corporate offices, including companies such as Aitken Spence, Ceylinco Corporation, and Stassen. Some of these companies are in the industry of chemicals, textiles, glass, cement, furniture, and jewelry. Aside from those industries, tourism is a large contributing factor as well, in the forms of hotels, dining, and local shops.

Culture: The Celebration of Buddha's Birth

The most beautiful, and one of the most popular festivals of the year, is the celebration of Buddha’s birth. Travelers will see Buddha sculptures and statues throughout the city. If visitors want to be part of this event, the festival takes place in mid-May and lasts one week. You can expect to see lantern competitions, décor, and food offerings that are donated. With its amazing diversity, Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha are Islamic festivals celebrated by Muslims after their month-long fasting. Although there are only about 7% of Christians populating the area, Christmas time is also another largely celebrated time in Colombo.

Activities: The Arts and Rich Culture

As culture is widely celebrated in Colombo, religious festivals take place throughout the year, and attract many visitors. The Sinhala and Hindu Aluth Avurudda take place in April and celebrate the Hindu New Year. During this festival in particular, visitors can expect to see a good portion of Sri Lankan culture and traditions. For the art lovers, visit any of the most famous performing arts centers: Lionel Wendt Theatre, The Elphinstone Theatre, or the Tower Hall for western-style productions. Navarangahala is the country’s first national theatre built for Asian and local-style musicals and other theatrical productions.