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Nature and business by your hotel in Gislaved

332 33 Gislaved City center: 0.3 km
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Gislaved is a municipality in the state of Småland in southern Sweden. Choosing a hotel in Gislaved gives you access to all the natural wonders of the region. The state is overflowing with forests and cultivated flatlands, and is home to 5,000 lakes. The region boasts six nature reserves and the tenth-biggest lake in Sweden, Lake Bolmen. In terms of business, Gislaved is home to manufacturers in the plastics and metals industries and boasts several major home-grown companies.

What is there to see in Gislaved?

Gislaved is a new and developing town, having begun to grow in the 1970's when the municipality was formed. Prior to this, it was a sparsely populated area with a handful of homesteads. Today it is young and vibrant, having prospered from significant investment by the Swedish government. Its most attractive feature is still its countryside, with visitors and locals alike thoroughly enjoying access to the wild outdoors. Whether you prefer the calm and tranquillity of a fishing trip, or you prefer to work up a sweat with a long hike through the forests, there is something to do in the lush Swedish landscape surrounding Gislaved.

Where can I go to do business in Gislaved?

Following government investment, Gislaved has become the home of two new commercial centres, built in 2015. In addition, Småland is the birthplace of Ikea, and home to the very first Ikea store ever opened. In fact, the state is known as the Kingdom of Furniture, boasting some of the best furniture designers and stores in Northern Europe. Gislaved is home specifically to a range of manufacturers, including Gislaved Gummi AB, a rubber compounds company, and Nordiska Plast, a plastics business. And given its rural nature, Gislaved is also home an agricultural college and forestry-related businesses.

What is there to see and do from a hotel in Gislaved?

From your hotel in Gislaved you can enjoy excursions into the great outdoors, particularly to the biggest lakes in the area, Lake Bolmen and Lake Fegan. For something a little big different, and very Swedish, visit the Isaberg Moose Park and experience an encounter with these awesome animals. Småland also has a delicious culinary heritage. The most popular restaurant in Gislaved is a Swedish-Mediterranean hybrid, Restaurant Hestraken.