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NYC on your doorstep with a Flushing hotel

11368 Flushing
Dbl. from 162.00EUR
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Situated in the world’s most iconic city, Flushing is the ideal location to spend some time if you are in New York for business or pleasure. A 6-minute taxi ride from LaGuardia Airport, business hotels in Flushing give you unparalleled access to Manhattan, America’s business and culture capital, as well as allowing you the freedom to explore Queens, the largest of New York’s five boroughs.

How can I enjoy my time out of work in Flushing?

Located in New York’s most global borough, Flushing is a cultural hub that boasts many of New York’s most interesting attractions. Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, home to the New York Mets Stadium, is the perfect location to spend some time out of work cycling, walking, kayaking or watching some world-class sport. As one of the fastest growing Chinatowns in the USA, Flushing offers a superb and diverse array of cuisine. If your interested in indulging in some fine dining, New York City is host to multiple Michelin star restaurants, notably Eleven Madison Park, where you can enjoy an exquisite 11-course tasting menu in one of the world’s top locations to dine.

Why is Flushing the ideal hotel location for a business trip?

Flushing’s outstanding transport links allow you to travel easily access New York City, and make it the perfect out-of-town destination for business travellers; with direct connections from Flushing to Manhattan, the subway is a quick and efficient way to travel through the boroughs. Home to Wall Street and Fifth Avenue, as well as Trade Fairs such as New York Build and BookExpo America, New York is the ideal place to conduct business. With locations such as the NYC Seminar and Conference Centre offering large rooms, broadband Internet and catering services, you can easily mould any business trip to your needs.

What can hotels in Flushing can offer from a leisure perspective?

Flushing is the perfect location if you are looking to combine a business trip with a little indulgence in one of the USA’s most exciting city. Flushing hotels will all be within close proximity to Manhattan island, meaning you can enjoy upmarket shopping at Macy’s, Tiffany and Saks Fifth Avenue. You also have the freedom to explore New York's best museums; MoMA, The Natural History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all of which are amongst the world’s most recognised institutions.