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What a hotel in Nyack offers business guests

10960 Nyack City center: 1.5 km
Dbl. from 92.00EUR
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Dbl. from 3,798.00EUR

A culturally rich and artistic town, Nyack bears little resemblance to the hustle and bustle travellers think of when they hear 'New York'. This Native American village lies on the hilly ground by the Hudson River in New York state, just 31 kilometres away from the metropolis of Manhattan. Nyack will provide you with a peaceful business stay combined with a wealth of activities to do in your spare moments. For your next business trip, book a hotel in Nyack and make use of well-equipped conference rooms and boutique restaurants.

What can I expect to find if I stay in Nyack?

Although Nyack masquerades as a small town, it has all the energy and character of a city. It boasts a vibrant arts scene and has walking tours so you can explore all the town has to offer. Whether you'd prefer to take a bike ride along the river or listen to live jazz music in a typical New York bar, Nyack has something to suit everyone's taste.

Why should I choose Nyack for my next business trip?

Nyack is within easy reach of the metropolis of New York City, which is just one hour away by car or train. The town is also just 45 minutes away from Newark Liberty International Airport, which has regularly scheduled flights to a vast array of major cities around the world. Despite being a small town, Nyack is home to a variety of budget hotels that can cater to all your business needs. If you require something larger, Nyack Business Centre, a modern office complex, allows you to book space online.

What can I do if I book a hotel in Nyack?

Nyack comes complete with some of the most stunning views over the River Hudson. For a tranquil afternoon, step out of your Nyack hotel and meander down the river to admire the beautiful houses lining the banks, and stop for coffee along the way. The city also regularly organises street fairs and farmers' markets. These quaint stalls sell a range of items, from gifts to local cuisine. If you have time and wish to explore a different setting, take a train into New York City and sample the trendy bars in the West Village or listen to live music at the Bowery Ballroom.