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Scottsdale – Resorts, National Parks, and Business under the Arizona Sun

85250 Scottsdale
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85256 Scottsdale City center: 16.5 km
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85253 Scottsdale City center: 3.2 km
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85250 Scottsdale
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With a sun-soaked environment ranging from the rugged beauty of the Sonoran Desert to pine studded mountains and the Grand Canyon, it's no wonder Scottsdale—like much of Arizona—is a haven for tourists and a coveted place for retirees to spend their golden years. Inside and out, there's a lot happening in Scottsdale. It is also a mecca for tech companies like Yelp and McKesson and a major hub for biotech research at venues like the iconic Mayo Clinic, located in nearby Phoenix. Wander among ruins, rich with the history of Arizona's Native Americans. Out among cactus and sage, experience life the way it was before modern air-conditioning triggered a cultural shift to cities teeming with tourists and businesses.

Location: Exciting City Poised Among Sage and Saguaro

Located just 20 kilometers from downtown Phoenix and about three hours’ drive south of the magnificent Grand Canyon, charming Scottsdale is ideally situated to both the perks of a big city and the natural wonders that abound in the rugged environment of the Sonora Desert. The city enjoys about 300 days of sunshine a year, and rainfall is only about 7 inches annually. And yes, it can get hot. The mercury can reach 105 degrees in the summer months, but the low humidity makes it a perfect environment for outdoor activities of every kind.

Business: A Center for Hi-Tech, Health, and Happy Times

Since Scottsdale is blessed with so much sunshine, it's natural that one of its major commodities is fun! Tourism is the city’s bread and butter, and it shows in the number of resorts where golfers, hikers, and outdoor lovers can be in their element. Shopping abounds downtown at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Along the "Cure Corridor" are numerous health care and biotech companies. The city is also home to Yelp and McKesson Pharmaceuticals.

Culture: A Melting Pot of Western History and Ethnicities

Since the Spanish first explored the area in 1539, Arizona has changed hands several times. After being wrested from Mexico in 1847, Arizona became part of New Mexico Territory until it became a state in 1912. The legacy of the Native Indians endures, preserved in ancient ruins, pueblos, and tribal names like Navajo and Paiute. Though much of Arizona is desert, the diverse geography also includes lush mountainous areas. Experience nature's handiwork at the Grand Canyon, or explore the amazing feat of engineering at Hoover Dam.

Activities: Play between Cactus and Pines

If you're coming to Scottsdale, bring your bike, clubs, kayak, and skis—anything for outdoor fun! Bring the camera, too, for stunning shots of weathered mesas, colorful canyon walls, and blazing sunsets over copper-colored peaks. Float the boat on Lake Mead or Lake Powell, or hike among cactus in Saguaro National Park. Enjoy a five-star meal at one of Scottsdale's fine restaurants, or find that perfect art piece for the den at one of its many galleries. Come evening, there's music, dancing, casino gambling, and live comedy shows.